Fanning gifts and goals into flame!

Pamela is an action igniting, high-value, highly sought-after speaker and coach. She equips organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals, who dare face their fear of success, with proven, and actionable, steps, for goal achievement so they can (experience victories and ultimate happiness.

Pamela can stir and engage her audience into action, motivating them by fanning the flame that everyone has in them. If they don’t know that ember is there, they will be on fire too after hearing Pamela speak.

Engage Pamela as a poet at your next:

  • women’s meeting
  • service club
  • organization
  • association
  • fashion show
  • college or university
  • business meeting
  • convention

During her 20 years in the military coaching Airmen and leaders, and studying many experts in the field, Pamela found the tools needed were not available, to empower, guide, and encourage goal setters to muster the grit and persistence to see the goal through. 80% of goal setters never complete their goals.

Pamela is also a gifted poet that can craft a poem with a delivery that brings audiences to their feet in standing ovations. With Maya Angelo inspired perfection she is added value to any, organization, association or event, her poems are powerful and impacting or light and uplifting as dictated by event and audience.

Pamela’s love is the move and inspires to action! She is available to travel to your venue worldwide.

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